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Brushing & Flossing!

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ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Author Dr Sharda Arora, CEO, Zental Eminent TMJ Dentist and Aesthetics Specialist.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Dr.Riddhi Gulati,
Senior Consultant Dentist
Zental-Gentle Dental Care.

IMPLANTS – What’s the Hoopla about?

You must have heard many a times that brushing and flossing can solve many dental issues.

Let’s give you an insight regarding the same.

So next time when you’re Dentist tells you that brush twice daily and floss once day pay heed to their advice.

The modified Bass Technique of brushing is considered to be the most effective and best of all the techniques.

  • Hold the toothbrush sideways against your teeth with some of the bristles touching your gums.
  • Tilt the brush so the bristles are pointing at your gum line
  • Move the brush back and forth, using short strokes. The tips of the bristles should stay in one place, but the head of the brush should wiggle back and forth. You also can make tiny circles with the brush. This allows the bristles to slide gently under the gum. Do this for about 20 strokes or 20 circles. In healthy gums, this type of brushing should cause no pain. If it hurts, brush more gently.
  • Roll or flick the brush so that the bristles move out from under the gum toward the biting edge of the tooth. This helps move the plaque out from under the gum line.
  • Repeat for every tooth, on the insides and outsides.
  • On the insides of your front teeth, it can be hard to hold the brush sideways. So hold it vertically instead. Use the same gentle back-and-forth or circular brushing action. Finish with a roll or flick of the brush toward the biting edge.
  • To clean the biting or chewing surfaces of the teeth, hold the brush so the bristles are straight down on those surfaces
  • Gently move the brush back and forth or in tiny circles to clean the entire mouth.
  • You can clear even more bacteria out of your mouth by brushing your tongue. Brush firmly but gently from back to front. Do not go so far back in your mouth that you gag. Rinse again.

Brushing & Flossing


  • It can ease bleeding gums with ease.
  • It can maintain your gums and supporting tissues health after a cleaning or any other dental procedure because the bad bacteria are most commonly found in a 2mm gutter all around your teeth just under that gum margin. This technique just cleans that area, precisely.
  • If done four hourly it removes all pain from common ulcers(aphthae), in your mouth, heals them in three days instead of 7-10, and in 3-6 months of continuous brushing- they just stop coming, if you suffer from this perennial problem- A technique given by Dr Sanjay Arora, CEO-SANORA (A TMJ Dentistry Center) two decades ago.

This technique is however very difficult to learn and requires a good dentist or hygienist to teach you.