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By definition of the process, veneers are artificial coverings over the existing teeth, because of the staining, chipping or other abnormalities in the front. These are ultra thin ceramic shells made from porcelain and composite resin materials, which are fixed to the front side of the tooth. Since the fixing of veneers doesn’t require any anaesthesia or lengthy procedures, cosmetic surgeon in Delhi usually decides to go with this process, especially if the front end teeth are concerned. In many situations, the veneers are good alternatives to crown. These days, due to the ease of the procedure, cosmetic surgery in India is mostly being done with the help of the veneers. Teeth discolouration, damages and chips due to injuries or alterations in alignment are all possible to be corrected in cosmetic dentistry clinic in Delhi with the help of veneers. Even gaps can be hidden with these artificial porcelain materials. Due to the longevity of these procedures, many people are seeking to go with veneers, when cosmetic dentistry procedures are considered.

Patients can choose to go for veneers, by visiting three to four times for the diagnosis, assessment and fitting. This is a procedure, which the cosmetic surgeon in Delhi carries out with the consultation of the patients, seeking opinion on various kinds of appearance that is liked. Since a little thickness would be added, the front side of the teeth is polished, so as to accommodate the extra thickness, without allowing for any protrusion. Composite resin veneers are also in practice in our clinics and is provided to patients who seek such procedures. The material is cemented to the front side of the teeth, and this is the point where the colour matching can be done. Veneers are easy to maintain with regular brushing and alleviating any discolouration causes, but people should visit our clinics regularly, so that the condition is assessed from time to time.

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