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Dental Implant

Dear Doctor,

This is —————, writing from Nepal.

My mother, Mrs. ———————–, Female 65, needs urgent treatment of her teeth.

Kindly find attached the OPG report of her teeth, taken 9 months back – we were advised by the local doctors here in Nepal that dental implants cannot be done, since her jaw bones were week & thus were advised dentures or removal denture after removing 10-11 mobile teeth. Also find attached the photos of her present teeth state taken today.

In this regard, kindly let us have your reply & advice to the below points:

  • How many days we need to be there in Delhi/ Gurgaon for her treatment.
  • We prefer to stay at Gurgaon for her treatment, do you have any branches in Gurgaon around sector 29.
  • What would be the process of treatment for long term benefit – we need to remove teeth & attach dentures.
  • What would be the approx. cost involved for this entire treatment & medications.
  • Which Dr. would be looking after her case – since we are coming all the way for this treatment, we need the best available Dr. & the best available treatment method.

After getting your reply to the above few query we will inform you the date of appointments. Kindly try & furnish us all possible details about your clinic, doctors.

Look forward to hear from you in this regard to plan further.

 Dental implant, implants in lower jaw  Dental implant, implants in lower jaw, Dentures

Dear —————,

Thanks for contacting us.
The only way to know, if enough bone is there or not is CBCT, or a 3D X-ray and not an OPG. Looking at the OPG, 4 implants in lower front area can be placed easily. In case bone is not sufficient, she has two options.

  • Going for All-on-4, which means that she can have 12 teeth on 4 implants in lower jaw. This is a famous concept in the World, requiring special apparatus. Disadvantage- in case one implant fails, costly superstructure comes off for 3 -12 months and the superstructure needs to be redone. You can click on blue link too understand more.
  • The more ideal way, would be to give 4 implants in front lower area, and “onlay bone grafts” in the areas where bone is less in the lower back areas. Click on the blue link to watch the video. The later part of the video shows “onlay bone grafts”. This allows us to place 8-14 implants, according to patients affordability.

The upper jaw has good bone. Placing implants is easy there.

Dentures is not a good idea. A fixed fixture like natural teeth is the right approach. This mimics nature. Removing and replacing dentures requires dexterity and some people in old age loose it. Plus under a denture one continues to lose bone.

Appointment sittings

  • Phase one: The whole procedure is completable in one sitting of 4-6 hours normally. Rarely patient due to length of procedure or tiredness may need another procedure after a week or two.
  • Phase two is kept after 4.5 months. I am afraid in her case she may be required to be without any dentures or teeth for these 4.5 months to prevent failure of implants and grafts due to pressure from eating device or denture. Although we try to give something to take care of patient’s aesthetics and eating, in this case it may be difficult to promise. This phase will require a 5-6 days stationing and remaining implants in areas of grafts will be placed. While the implants placed in phase one, wherever good bone was present will be loaded. (You can watch the implant procedure by clicking the blue link here, and at 4.28 minutes of the video, implant loading part starts). At this sitting we would be able to give her some kind of aesthetics and may be eating contraption, which would be far from ideal. but would serve us for next 3 months.
  • Phase 3: This would take place at 3 months from phase two and would require her to be stationed for 10 days or so. This will be the last sitting. This should ideally give 15-25 years of service.

Needless to say 10-20 percent variations in times suggested and costs that will be suggested is always expected either way.


  • Implants typically cost between 18,000 rupees- 80,000 rupees per implant with 25 varieties with us, with a difference of three to five thousand between various varieties. Ideally 8-14 implants per jaw is suggestible. Most ideal is 14, mimicking nature.
  • Bone grafts, she may require 4. Each graft in her case will come in 3 varieties 60k/80k/1.2lacs per grafting procedure. Please note regular bone grafting is far cheaper than block grafts.
  • Teeth/caps/crown over implants: Normally a cheaper quality is provided free of cost. Higher qualities are available.
  • Neuromuscular balancing-1.5 lacs, optional for one to go for it. At higher quality caps this is complimentary. This treatment modality is available only with us in the country. This ensures a longer life of implants,TMJ and bone.

The case will be done under the leadership of Dr. Sharda Arora, and two more specialists. Neuromuscular balancing is led by Dr. Sanjay Arora.. Click on links to read more about them.


Please note: In case you want a more personal communication, our Skype id is zentaldental. You may indicate a good time in advance to have a video chat with our experts.