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Dental Implants Costs

There are various stages of dental implant placement. Endosseous method of implant is probably the most common and successful procedure among the dental implants in India. It is done with the examination and diagnosis of the teeth, which has to be timed at about 6 months before the surgery. X-ray, impression and other tests are necessary to provide a rough idea about the surgery to be undertaken. With consultation of the patient, the dental implantologist will decide upon the date of surgery and placement of implant in the jaw. After the surgery, it takes about 4-5 days for the swelling to disappear. Old denture is lined with soft tissue material for better healing. Sutures dissolve by 10-14 days or are removed if required. During this period, soft food has to be eaten. Healing process with osteointegration is complete within 6 months of the dental implant surgery. Then the crown made from porcelain material is placed on the implant. After confirming the implant abutment connection, the cap or denture is placed on the implant. Even though teeth implants are not usually unsuccessful and do not require constant observation, one should take some types of dental oral hygiene precautions.

Cost is an important factor for many kinds of dental treatments. For teeth implants also, the cost factor has to be taken into account. When you approach our dental implant clinic in India, we will provide you with a rough estimate of the total dental implants cost. It can be done after the dental implantologist makes a thorough assessment of the lost teeth, bone strength and few other oral factors. Thereafter, our clinic can give an estimate of the implant dentistry process, in proper consultation with the patient or the relatives.

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