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Implants in Dentistry

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  • Implants ,What’s the Hoopla About
  • Implants Over Denture’s & Bridge’s
  • Procedure & Benefit’s

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Dr Sharda Arora, CEO, Zental is an eminent TMJ Dentist and aesthetics.

Author Dr Sharda Arora, CEO, Zental is an eminent TMJ Dentist and aesthetics.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Dr.Riddhi Gulati,
Senior Dental Consultant
Zental-Gentle Dental Care.

IMPLANTS – What’s the Hoopla about?

So there’s a lot of hoopla around this New Age Invention in Dentistry called Implants.

Implants are basically titanium cylindrical structures that are placed inside the bone of your mouth and mimic the root of your natural tooth. Titanium is a miracle metal that integrates with the bone. It’s used to repair fractures in the body

#.FACT : Titanium is so sturdy it is also used to manufacture aeroplane parts .

Missing Tooth?? Thinking of going for Conventional Removal Dentures / Bridges .Think Again..

Implants over Dentures?

Dentures though being one of the oldest options for replacement of missing teeth can be quite cumbersome to get adapted to.

A lot of people wearing them live with the fear that their denture might fall of ! So there is somewhere a Fear of Social Embarrassment..

Its cause the bone is constantly changing..You need to get your denture Relined (addition of a cushioning layer for higher retention & stability ) .Also being a foodie the biggest disadvantage is that they cover the palate completely so very minimal taste sensation ..Sometimes you might gulp down really hard / hot food stuff .

Also there’s a loss of tactile sensation, so you never know when you might bite on that stone in your rice.

An article for everyone

Implants In Dentistry, Removal Dentures, Bridges, Dental Bridges, Bridges Implants, crowns

Now Why Implants Over Dental Bridges?

Bridges are basically means to replace a missing tooth which take support from adjacent teeth. Now think about it ..why would you want to compromise on the tooth structure .. because we will have to do crown cutting for the adjacent teeth as well .Also Long Span Bridges break or fracture in between , not a very good idea .

Implants .. A Boon to the patients

Unlike Bridges Implants are complete crowns and root replacement. Both Crown & Root is replaced in the same.

Once integrated to your bone they can’t be taken out unless surgically .They dont affect the adjacent teeth.

No removal or losses of Tooth Structure .Implants also offer proprioception. That is tactile ability

Implant procedure

So basically its divided into a Time Span of 4 to 5 months. Even Immediate Loading Single Stage Implants are available .

Starting with the Oral Surgeon/ Implantologist would make a impression of your tooth and take Pre Operative X Rays / CT Scans /Blood Tests / Medical History / Habits / Aesthetic Requirements…

Case planning is the most essential step here.

The Correct Implant Size is chosen and its made sure that there is Distance between the Implant & The Vital Structures like Nerves / Sinus is Kept to a safe Limit .

If the Bone Condition is not suitable ..the Bone is Prepared to receive the procedures ..Like its made Thick and Of Better Quality . These are called Ridge Augmentation Procedures
Additionally We use Bone Grafting which can be both synthetic Animal Derived or From your Own Body . Its Mixed with Your Own Blood and the body accepts it as its own .
These Procedures Provide a lot of Needed Stability to Our Implant .

In the New Era we also make Grafts out of Your Own Blood using a Centrifuge in the dental office.

These are called Plasma Rich Fibrin .

Once your Decayed tooth is Removed and the Implant is Placed in a minor Day In Day Out Surgery under antibiotic cover . Medications are given both before n After the Procedure .

We stich back the implant in that region . And Give You a Temporary Crown The same Day .

You can eat almost anything with Your Temporary Crown for 6 month . ..

Now depending on the Site Chosen and Body’s Ability to heal. We recall you anywhere between a month to six months.

To place a Implant Crown..We Place a support structure called abutment on top of which ur implant crown is placed .

The crown is as per your requirement ..the shade , contour everything as per your requirement is fabricated and delivered .

Implant Company’s Offer a Lifelong warranty .
Get it once a forget u ever lost a tooth .

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