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Implants or Bridge?

Special Interest Articles:
  • Always prefer an implant over a Bridge.
  • Bridge doesn’t conserve all the tissues.
  • Implant is most cost effective.

Dr Sharda Arora, CEO-Zental-Gentle Dental Care.

Always Implant

The purpose of prosthesis is to preserve or conserve all possible structures while replacing the missing structure. ALL is the important word here.

A bridge conserves

  • The opposing arch integrity
  • Maintains the space opened up due to loss of the extracted tooth.

But it doesn’t conserve

  • The bone from which the tooth was lost. That bone resorbs or dissolves away at almost a rate of 1mm per month.
  • The teeth structure on which bridge has to be made.
  • Sinuses, which descend into the space created by loss of extracted tooth root in teeth of the upper jaws.
  • Bone loss of adjacent teeth due to extra forces of biting on the replaced missing tooth structure. This replacement also called pontic is basically resting on adjacent teeth, hence those teeth are carrying extra load and therefore are subject to some bone loss.

A bridge conserves the following-Graphically explained

The Opposing arch integrity

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Opposing arch of teeth doesn’t descend down because bridge stops it- thereby conserving it

Conserves integrity of opposing arch

The chalky teeth are a bridge.

Absence of a bridge or implant after the teeth were lost here led to upper teeth sliding down hence loss of integrity of arch.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi


Space Maintainer function

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Too much load on adjacent teeth – destroys their bone

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Small arrow above shows tooth falling into the missing space due to absent tooth.


Bone Resorption under a bridge

You lose good tooth structure and bone and increase chances of dental caries under a bridge.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

A lot of tooth structure is cut on adjacent teeth to missing tooth to place a bridge.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Bone Resorption under the bridge.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Sinus of upper jaw descends wherever there is a missing tooth.


Implants –the complete story.

Mostly made of a non-reactive alloy of metal Titanium, it’s a piece which mostly looks like a stump/screw. It is also being tried in newer materials and Ceramic Implant is already making waves. Ceramic coatings are also available-as hydroxyl apatite.

Most popular remain Titanium Implants. Implants come in various design characteristics, but by far the most success is achieved by the design –platform switch along with bone condensing design, plus if possible a way to have a better anchorage with part 2.

Essentially implants come in two pieces. Piece one goes into the bone-where you had a missing tooth and part 2 goes on part one mostly with a screw. There are other ways to secure too, but a screw remains popular.

This is achieved mostly after a gap of 3-6 months, depending on some factors, but may be done on the same sitting if some parameters are fulfilled. Securing part2 after a gap of 3 to 6 months ensures a better acceptance of implants.

Although various reasons of implant failures are given in literature but they remain largely controversial and a 2-10 percent failure rate is acceptable. It’s not a rejection by the body- just a failure of implant to join or fuse with the bone.

Hence an implant failure is mostly uneventful and very rarely painful. Mostly its discovered at the time of placement of part 2. Part 2 is called as abutment and part 1 as implant.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Assembly of 2 parts of implants and the crown.

Tid bits-3D X-ray Revolution for Implants. We offer it. First in India.

No need to cut and suture back mostly now with a dentist who owns a FBCT, a type of CT scan that allows a CT in the middle of the placement of implant.

This is dedicated dental Ct Scan. They come in two types

  • CBCT
  • FBCT The latter offers two advantages over CBCT
  • 30 times lesser exposure to radiation.
  • And radiation limited to part focused on.
  • Prevents injury to nerves, blood vessels and sinus. Bone perforation is avoided ad
  • Best size of implant placement possible.

We have a FBCT, KODAK90003D.

A marvelous piece of machine with Kodak’s experience.

This literally allows a keyhole surgery, a flap less procedure in most cases. This can alternatively be done by constructing a template on a CAD/CAM. Former allows change in direction a requirement of implants that can compact bone around them and one piece or one part implants also called as screwless implants.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

KODAK90003D, CT scan at Zental-Gentle Dental Care

KODAK90003D allows minimalistic surgery, best placement and size of implant and prevents accidental injury to nerves and sinuses.


“To catch the reader’s attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Article by Dr Sharda Arora– CEO Zental.

It’s fairly a safe procedure and under a 3D X-ray guidance it’s less traumatic than a normal extraction.

Ideal Number of Implants.

Ideally one tooth one implant is the concept and it must mimic the nature. But if thre are cost considerations or if its too complicated to place an implant owing to factors like severe bone loss, one can go for lesser number of implants having teeth resting like they would in the bridge.

Cost of Implants:
In India it would vary between 350 dollars to 1900 dollars, per implant depending on system, type of abutment and crown accompanied or not, and the availability of number of systems with that clinic. We may be able to boast of 25 systems with a different variety every 100 -200 dollars extra approximately.

Which is a better Implant:

Following factors are important while choosing the best implant for you.

  • Economic factors.

This Implant or That

  • Bone condition
  • Clinical trials available.
  • Patient preference- his listening from friends and relatives.
  • Design characteristics.

Travel considerations-are you a tourist? Can you come the second time? look forward to its arrival.


Like all medical procedures, complications are possible and almost all are manageable. Rarely a deep nerve injury may result and 3D/CT scan during the treatment almost ensures zero accident.

Implant Safety

Basically, its fairly a safe procedure with trauma in most cases (flapless), with the help of a 3D X-ray scan, lesser than an extraction. Amount of anesthesia local required is also lesser than the amount required for an extraction. While your main goal of distributing a newsletter might be to sell your product or service, the key to a successful newsletter is making it useful to your readers.

Anything Else:

Yes, see to it that the doctor has placed lot of implants in the past, talk to the patients. That he has requisite tools. Be alert, as some may have done a few implants and may call themselves an implantologist. They are not many governing rules. Prefer least radiation-only 3D X-rays . if the doctor doesn’t have it-insist on a template-this neds a week to two of waiting and increases your cost by up to 20 percent. Else insist on a post treatment 3D, along with Pre X-ray.

Once you select your doctor-trust him /her completely.

What is bone grafting, membranes, pins and sinus lift

Bone grafts –synthetic, animal, human bone many varieties may be required if there is less foundation bone for an implant and to hold that bone there may be a requirement of a membrane. Essentially membrane protects the graft from harsh external environment and holds the bone in place till it unites/forms new hard bone.

Pins may be used to hold the membrane in place- and these adjuncts may be resorbable on their own or may need a small surgical intervention to remove them.

Basically depends on doctor’s choice, comfort and training and you need to allow him to use it. Your socio-economic standards may also guide the doctor. It may be good idea to request various package costs and reverse work your way onto what is placed in your mouth.

Sinus lift is a procedure used to lift the air filled cavity of upper jaw. This cavity descends down if tooth has been missing for a long time. This kind of leaves very less bone to place the implant. If the implant could be done immediately-some designs can be done immediately, under certain conditions.

This procedure may be done non-surgically/ minimilastically from the hole created for implant site by tapping or pushing or lifting the sinus lining- which is like slimy plastic bag. This is possible if at least 3-4mm bone is left behind.

If the bone is very less doctor may do a procedure called “Direct Sinus lift”, which involves creating 2cm odd window and physically lifting the sinus lining with tools. Both need a little to more bone.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Some adjunct procedures like bone, membranes’ and Sinus lift may be required. Rarely a complex procedure like Nerve relocation or bone expansion may also be required.

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