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Maxillofacial Surgery

Multiple Aspects Of Maxillofacial Surgery For Treatment Approaches In Dentistry In India

Few specialities in medical and dental science are as broad as the branch of maxillofacial surgery. By definition, maxillofacial surgery involves surgeries done in case of injuries or defects in the oral and maxillofacial regions, involving diagnosis and aesthetic procedures also. Work spectrum of these surgeons also involves the bony parts of the face, neck, jaw and repair of various tissues in the head and neck and the face. Cases involving facial trauma or repair can be handled by the maxillofacial surgeon in India, who is considered to be one of the finest surgeons of the dental speciality. This speciality is also sometimes included in cosmetic surgeries done in people with deeply maligned faces or jaws.

Why and what are maxillofacial surgery treatments

During the maxillofacial surgery, the doctor handles a variety of cases. The spectrum of dealings of the maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi is a reflection of the work profile involved in such speciality. During dento-alveolar surgeries, there are procedures like extraction of teeth, removing the cover from over the teeth for traction and alveolar bone recontouring. Maxillofacial surgeon in India is also known to undertake surgeries to prepare the jaw for fixation of dentures and braces, by creating favourable anatomical features in the jaw, ears, nose and eyes.

Many odontogenic tumours and soft tissue cancers in the face and neck are handled by maxillofacial surgery in Delhi, performed in our clinics. Post traumatic patients with distortion of the cheek bones, nose, jaws and chin can be treated by the maxillofacial surgeon in India. These defects are rectified and proper prostheses are also applied after the surgery. Reconstruction surgeries and trauma surgeries are done with the active involvement of the maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi. Such surgeries have many other medical and surgical specialities involved in the procedures. A maxillofacial surgeon in India also handles the temporo-madibular joint problems such as ankylosis, osteoarthritis of the TMJ and inflammatory soft tissue disorders of the region.

Role of maxillofacial surgery in Delhi is also extended to the dental implant cases. In such cases, the maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi works towards proper osseointegration for the implants to fix in the jaw bones.

Cosmetic surgeries of the face are done by maxillofacial surgeon in India. These doctors in our clinics, handle the repair of trauma or burn patients, along with cosmetic surgeons. They undertake a variety of treatment processes such as chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, septoplasty, liposuction, oculoplasty and various other kinds of repairs.

Cost factors to be assessed depending on the condition of patient and surgeries required

During the procedures performed by the maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi, the costs can vary widely. Since this is a surgical speciality, it cannot be precisely predicted about the expenses that would be incurred. Once a diagnosis is established and the patient assessment is done, people can get the estimate from our clinics, in consultation with the maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi. An overall estimate is possible, but it can get less or more, even after the patient is being operated in the table. But in general, our dental set up has reasonable charges for the patients, even though the quality of treatment is supposedly the best in India.

We have a number of maxillofacial surgeons visiting our clinic in Delhi, where they perform complicated surgeries on different patients. These surgeons have long years of study and post graduation experience in different fields, by undergoing fellowship programs in various parts of the world. For this reason, we have a wide range of services on maxillofacial surgery in Delhi, for the patients turning up in our clinics. These doctors are basically surgeons and hence, they go for practice in operation theatres. We have highly advanced centres of trauma care and surgical theatres for undertaking complicated maxillofacial surgery in Delhi, and for this reason, the maxillofacial surgeon in India finds it comfortable to operate upon different cases in our set up for patient benefits and long term solutions.

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