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Pain Free Dentistry … A New Approach at Zental Dental!

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  • Pain Free Dentistry
  • Technologically Most Advanced
  • 3-D X Ray


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Early Caries Detection

Our technologies can detect the caries in your mouth year’s earlier.


Know why we are many years ahead of our competition.

We also cure Body pains.

We also cure Medial disc displacement of TMJ, and hence many chronic diseases.

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ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Author Dr Sharda Arora, CEO, Zental Eminent TMJ Dentist and Aesthetics Specialist.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Dr.Riddhi Gulati,
Senior Consultant Dentist
Zental-Gentle Dental Care.

Why Zental Dental?

Zental – Gentle Dental Care. The name itself is derived from “Zen” meaning “Peaceful Meditation” So the treatment here is actually peaceful…

You won’t believe that many of our patients would even sleep during the treatment’s …


Well Zental offers a wide spectrum of Pain Free and Calm and Peaceful Treatments.

Pain is one of the biggest deterrents in the minds of the dental patient, stopping us from undergoing dental treatments.

It’s the Phobia that has developed over time, which has made dental treatment difficult.

There are various Pain Free Approach’s that we offer in our dental clinic.

Pain Free Dentistry!

Heal Ozone

Heal Ozone
Zental – Gentle Dental Care

Starting From Pain Free Injections

You must be wondering how an Injection can be pain free? With the advent of Super Fine Needles and machines that would deliver the injections at snail’s pace via Computerized controlled Injection delivery systems.

We offer pain free services.

Even before giving a prick we would apply a local anesthetic numbing jelly.

Visual Analgesia / White Noise?

The Calm Ambience of our clinics, along with the soft music playing around it is sure to soothe down your nerves.

Our Surgery’s like Placing Implants are Painless. Procedure’s like tooth extraction are taken care of by Feather Touch Dentistry.

We use Advanced Laser’s to treat patients.
For Instance

Heal Ozone Treatment: a unique method for healthy and beautiful teeth, without pain. To cure carious / decayed teeth without Cutting, Filling, Drilling or Injection.

The atmosphere is relaxed, your dentist will communicate the Minutest of details and any kind of Dialogue is encouraged, you can resolve all Your Queries.

Zental is One Of Asia’s First buyers of Sirona Laser

Sirona LaserTeeth need professional care. Harmful bacteria need to be removed in order to keep them healthy and beautiful. Brushing and flossing are very important in the fight against bacteria, but this is often insufficient. In regular dental care, action is taken when harmful bacteria have created a cavity (tooth decay). This cavity is then drilled out and filled with a composite, which usually does not do the look of the teeth any good.

With Heal Ozone, dental bacteria that have settled in the teeth are being removed. The tooth or molar is sealed and positive oxygen atoms from ozone are forced through the natural ducts (dentules).

What all can be done by Sirona Laser’s

  • This also strengthens dental tissue: teeth become whiter, stronger and will shine more.
  • Removal of infected gums called Gingevectomy
  • Removal of extra gums on wisdom molar called Operculectomy
  • Removal of muscle fibers in the midline called Frenectomy
  • For uncovering Implants by removal of gums.
  • Desentization or removal of sensitivity.
  • Clearing gums while taking impression
  • Treatment of Ulcer’s
  • Treatment of Herpetic Lesions

Advantages of using this Diode Laser

  • Precise cutting and removal of soft tissue,
  • Minimal damage to the surrounding tissue,
  • Excellent Healing
  • Maintaining a clear view to work on
  • No Scar
  • Less post-operative or post-surgical discomfort
  • Local anesthesia is not required for treatment.
  • Sirona Laser comes complete with safety goggles for the dentist, and the patient.

# Pain is Just in The Mind Not in Our Dental Office.