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Periodontal Health & Cardiac Diseases!

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Dr Sharda Arora, CEO, Zental is an eminent TMJ Dentist and aesthetics.

Author Dr Sharda Arora, CEO, Zental is an eminent TMJ Dentist and aesthetics.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Dr.Riddhi Gulati,
Senior Consultant Dentist
Zental- Gentle Dental Care

What Is Periodontal Health?

Periodontal Health Mainly means the health of the supporting structures of your teeth. By the Periodontium we mean the Gums, The Hard tissue supporting your teeth, and the bony support. A compromised periodontal health mainly means a loss of support of the supporting structures, which lead to mobile teeth and a compromised dentition.

On the other hand like we know that Cardiac Diseases are the emerging diseases of Our New Generation .The reason for this mainly considered to be predisposing factors like overweight,obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, long hours on the computer, not many of us know that even a bad oral hygiene is a major contributing factor for the same.

What’s the Correlation!

You would be surprised to know how the two are correlated to each other.

Several studies have shown a similar correlation.

An association exists between periodontal disease and Cardio Vascular Diseases. It is unknown, however, whether this relationship is causal or coincidental. Early studies predominantly used nonspecific clinical and radiographic definitions of periodontal disease as surrogates for infectious exposure.

While most studies demonstrated positive associations between periodontal disease and CVD, not all studies were positive, and substantial variations in results were evident. More recent studies have enhanced the specificity of infectious exposure definitions by measuring systemic antibodies to selected periodontal pathogens or by directly measuring and quantifying oral micro biota from subgingival (below the gums ) dental plaque. Results from these studies have shown positive associations between periodontal disease and Cardio Vascular Diseases.

It has been seen that a dirty mouth leads to seepage of the bacteria from the mouth to the valve of the heart and form vegetation’s. These are the ones that lead to a condition called Bacterial Endocarditis.

This deadly condition and it is said that Dental conditions are one of the prime causes of this situation.

We always tell our patients that “The mouth is the mirror of the condition inside our body “

Hence Regular Monthly Scaling’s and a Good Dental Checkup would help u avoid both Heart Related Issues and Oral Related Issues. A healthy lifestyle devoid of smoking, alcohol and a proper diet would help you in maintaince of a healthy body .

Live Healthy and Live Safe

Healthy Heart

Healthy Mouth would lead to a Healthy Heart


Periodontal Health