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Dr. Sanjay Arora, Cranio-Sacral TMJ Specialist, BDS, MDS( Endodontist), Occlusion Specialist, Craniodontist, Neuro Muscular TMJ specialist, Epigeneticist, Master Ceramist, BSc (Physics)

Dr. Sanjay Arora
Cranio-Sacral TMJ Specialist,
BDS, MDS( Endodontist), Occlusion Specialist, Craniodontist,
Neuro Muscular TMJ Specialist,
Epigeneticist, Master Ceramist,
BSc (Physics)

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Dr.Prachi Madan
Senior Dental Consultant & Prosthodontist
Zental-Gentle Dental Care

Creating Concept’s Of Smile Designing

A desire to look attractive is no longer taken as vanity. It is an economically, socially and sexually a very competitive world; so a pleasing appearance is a necessity. Since the face is the most exposed part of the body, and the mouth a prominent feature, teeth are getting a greater share of attention. Patients asks dentist to give them teeth like those of some celebrities to improve their appearance.

Esthetic dentistry deals with the desires and gives attention to the patient’s problem. As very well said “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

Esthetic dentistry is the dentistry in its purest form. The purpose is to not to sacrifice function but to use it as foundation of the esthetics. Smile designing is based upon esthetics and function together for the same individual.

An article for everyone looking For A Makeover !

Smile Designing, Esthetic dentistry In Delhi, Orthodontics and orthognathic surgery

Smile design not only consists of dental treatment but is a dental –facial composition. Specialty treatment for achieving an ideal smile can include orthodontics; orthognathic surgery; periodontal therapy, including soft tissue repositioning and bone recontouring; cosmetic dentistry; and plastic surgery. This esthetic approach for patient care produces the best dental- facial beauty. Facial beauty is based on standard esthetic principles that involve the proper alignment, symmetry, and proportions of the face. The basic shape of the face is derived from the facial bones that form the skull and jaws as well as of the cartilage and soft tissues that overlay this framework.

The Science Involved

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Facial features in smile design include facial height, facial shape, facial profile, gender and age as important factors. The dento facial factor tells about the interpupillary line (line passing from the center of the pupils) should be parallel with the commissure line and occlusal plane for a beautiful smile. Lip analysis is an important soft tissue feature helpful in evaluating the dento–facial composition and in establishing a smile design.

The upper lip is somewhat more arched and wider than the lower lip. Because the maxillary arch with the teeth overlaps the mandibular arch, the upper lip is the longer of the two as the lower lip is recessed beneath the upper lip. There are three aspects of the lip morphology that should be considered: width, fullness, and symmetry. Wide lips make for a wide smile

In general terms, a smile that is at least half the width of the face is considered esthetic. Independent evaluation of the upper and lower lip is essential when analyzing both symmetry and fullness.

In cases where there is a high lip line and an excessive gingival display exists, an unwanted ‘‘gummy smile’’ becomes evident. Several corrective options are available, depending on conditions and patient limitations. With cephalometric analysis, vertical maxillary excess can be determined. Orthodontics and orthognathic surgery to impact the maxilla are ideal when these conditions are confirmed as skeletal dysplasias in nature. In other cases where apparent diminished tooth size in combination with a high lip line creates a gummy smile, corrective periodontal procedures are performed. This involves cases where altered passive eruption makes a normal-sized tooth appear small.

That space which includes the teeth and tissues is called the smile zone. There are six basic smile-zone shapes: straight, curved, elliptical, bow-shaped, rectangular, and inverted.

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A feature of smile design that is often overlooked yet very significant is the health, symmetry, and architecture of the gingival tissues. These tissues frame the teeth and add to the symmetry of the smile. The health and subsequent color and texture of these gingival tissues are paramount for long-term success and the esthetic value of the treatment. The texture of the tissues should be stippled (orange-peel–like appearance) in most cases. The Gum textured and has a finer stippling when compared with that of males.

An attractive smile line is one of the most important features of a pleasing smile. The smile line can be defined as an imaginary line drawn along the incisal edges of the maxillary anterior teeth. In an ideal tooth arrangement, that line should coincide or follow the curvature of the lower lip while smiling. Another frame of reference suggests that the centrals are slightly longer than the cuspids. In a reverse smile line, the centrals appear shorter than the cuspids along the incisal plane and create an aged or worn appearance.

smile designing in delhi, cosmetic dental procedure, dentist in delhi, porcelain veneers, esthetic treatmentMany dentist apply golden proportion when it comes to smile designing, it is a mathematical formula that implies a ratio of 1: 1.618.

Buccal corridor a negative space influences the smile of a person. But this dark space acts negatively when it is accentuated after the rehabilitation.

An ideal esthetic treatment plan attempts to achieve perfection in every way. However, not all patients are willing to accept all the components necessary to achieve that level of perfection. In those cases, when compromises become necessary, it is important to review a range of treatment options in an attempt to create the illusion of the ideal while maintaining a healthy oral environment. A cosmetic dental procedure using porcelain veneers is a common method of creating this illusion. An understanding of the patient’s goals and priorities is helpful for the dentist when the treatment plan is established and presented to the patient.