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Smile Makeover

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ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Author Dr Sharda Arora, CEO, Zental is an eminent TMJ Dentist and aesthetics Specialist.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Dr.Riddhi Gulati,
Senior Dental Consultant
Zental-Gentle Dental Care.

Let’s give you a reason to smile more…

Not all the perfect smiles we see around us are natural or a God’s gift, some are created by the artwork and skill of an aesthetic dentist. Dentistry is actually the art and science that helps us recreate perfect smiles and functional smiles. Now imagine if you are given teeth that look perfect but you are asked, not to eat with them, or worst imagine you getting a smile makeover and someone pointing out to you that your new teeth look nice. It’s actually a disgrace. So that’s where we aesthetic dentists step in.

The aim is not to recreate a perfect looking smile, but something as close to natural and aesthetic, which blends with your personality, skin tone, eye color, age. Your new teeth must function as good as the natural ones, you would be able to eat & relish anything with them.

Smile makeovers are elective procedures; anybody can go in for them. You feel you want to close the gap between your teeth , or transform your crooked smile , or you feel your teeth are too outside (jutting out of your mouth) inability to purse your lips , if you feel that orthodontics is too long a process , in all these conditions you can go in for a smile makeover .

Take Back a Zensational Smile…from Zental.

So here’s how we create the magic.

In your case your dentist will make an impression of your existing teeth, take photographs for the same.

2nd the plan is ready and discussed with you. You are explained about the possible outcome. It’s very important that your expectations are met right, so feel free to ask your dentist about any possible query. Then your natural teeth are shaped in a certain manner and capped with ceramic crowns (full coverage) or veneers (single coverage).

Depending upon your bite, German technology helps us in giving you these pearly whites. Made from high quality ceramic. They come with warranty’s up to 15 years. Sometimes you may require an intentional root canal before the procedure, to avoid sensitivity later. After your dentist receives customized crowns for you, you are given trials for the same. And once you approve of the same, these are fixed onto your teeth.

After which all you need is a 6 monthly visit for a follow up and you’re ready to flash your new smile and bridge the gap between you and your confidence :

There are a lot of key factors that is taken care of when planning a smile makeover.

  • Golden proportion is one taken into utmost consideration i.e. The width of the upper front four teeth is in proportion to the intercanthal distance (distance between the whites of 2 eyes) . Hence keeping that in mind your new teeth are fabricated.
  • The color of the teeth that are given is assessed on the parameters of hue value and Chroma. In simple words, we give you the shade as close to your natural teeth, keeping in mind their brilliance, amount of saturation, degree of brightness/darkness.

Zensational smile is manufactured on in-house SIRONA CAD CAM

  • Sometimes stains are incorporated to mimic the natural dentition. Features of wear / contour help us in giving a nice profile. The key here lies not on making something perfect just technically or in accordance to the laws of dentistry but what the patient feels looks best on them.
  • For instance we add features like rounding off the incisal angles, narrow, slender teeth to give them a more feminine appearance and keep the angles sharp , and teeth broader will give you a more masculine appearance

# did you know that your smile makeover does not just give u beautiful smile but also plaque free mouth, less prone to caries. Teeth if properly aligned are easier to clean and floss. A ceramic crown or veneer will help you in sealing the teeth of any future caries. Also since these surfaces are extremely polished, you don’t feel any stains depositing on your new teeth.

These crowns are made from CAD/CAM technology (computer aided design, computer aided machining) hence they fit onto your teeth just perfectly with nano-meters of gap which lead to minimal leakage.

A lot of people fear that what if these artificial teeth come off. Well the good news here is , unlike old times when the crowns/veneers were cemented onto your teeth. now we bond them to your natural teeth and they function as a Monobloc (single unit) so u can eat anything without thinking twice

USP: Low on Maintenance and A One-time Investment.