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Smile Makeover

Getting Smile Makeover In Delhi With Improvement In Overall Teeth Appearance

Importance of smile in the life of a person cannot be subdued because it is the first impression that someone can create in the positive sense. A smile can make or mar a day. Interactions are made easier, with the help of a smile. During a smile, a small portion of the dentition is exposed and people see these teeth. Impression on seeing glistening white and well maintained teeth is better than the ones, which are stained or chipped or broken. Dental science and surgical procedures have improved to the extent of providing change in colour of the tooth or a number of teeth, their lengths and correction of any broken pieces or chipped crowns. For lots of people, this possibility has brought cheers and they are keen on getting the smile makeover processes, ready to spend considerable sum of money even, if required.

What is smile makeover?

Technically, smile makeover is the work of experts in dentistry in India, who can look at different aspects of dental problems and come up with suitable solutions. Smile makeover involves one or more procedures of cosmetic dentistry, where a number of techniques are used to give an aesthetically improved appearance to the teeth and hence the smile. Depending on the requirement of the clients, smile makeover treatments in Delhi, under their expert dentists, are done in different ways. This is because the requirements of people will obviously be quite different, as they want.

Why smile makeover?

Tooth configuration in the jaw is not always perfect. Developmental defects can lead to non-alignment in the teeth. There are people with different types of problems of crooked teeth, with some jutting outside while some are bent inwards. In all the conditions of crooked teeth, the structural alignment needs to be straightened. For such people with crooked teeth, smile makeover procedures by dentists in Delhi can be of much help.

Due to trauma or rare case of developmental defects, there are missing teeth or the gap between the teeth is quite big. These give an unsightly appearance, making it necessary to bridge the gap between the teeth and make them close together. It might be so that the roots of the teeth in the jaw bones are apart.

Chipped teeth or part broken tooth or a number of teeth can be repaired during the process of smile makeover in dental clinics in India. although treatment process will be much dependent on the extent of damage, it is still possible to get the teeth repaired by different kind of surgical procedures or addition of artificial materials.

Orthodontics is an important part of the smile makeover, because of the use of braces and aligners. Hence, many orthodontic dentists in Delhi are coming into clinics in Delhi, where smile makeover procedures are undertaken.

Gum treatments using laser beams can be done in the clinics in India, involved in smile makeover. Some people have their gums covering greater amount of the teeth enamels. This is an awkward appearance for the teeth and hence makes the smile appear bad.

One of the commonest problems sorted out by smile makeover centres in Delhi is that of the stained teeth. Due to different reasons, usually tobacco and mineral content in water, the white coloured teeth become brownish or discoloured. No more are the teeth glistening white in colour, which is unacceptable to people, as they are embarrassed by their smiles.

Plenty of problems are possible to be treated by smile makeover processes in dental clinics in Delhi. It is up to the clients to decide the things that they want to be done in their dentition. Since this particular kind of feature involves a number of procedures in dentistry, sometimes it will require the services of different specialisations in dentistry practice in Delhi.

Smile makeover treatments

Bonding is one of the common procedures in smile makeover in Delhi. A number of problems like chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, small breaks and staining can be covered by the application of a composite resin on these places, so that this hardens and gets fixed to the surface in a strong manner. During the process of bonding, the area where the composite resin is to be applied is first conditioned with a solution, which roughens the surface. Priming helps in creating a rough surface, onto which the resin material clings for a stronger bond. After the tooth is properly covered, the material is sculpted out to come up with straighter and balanced smile. With the improved resin materials available in the market these days, it is possible to get the strong bonding in dental clinics in Delhi. Special kind of light is also applied on to the teeth, so that there is the hardening of the resin. An extra advantage of such bonding procedures is that the resin materials come in various shades, so that it can be matched with the colour of other teeth in the cavity.

Another method used in smile makeover in dental clinics in India is that of the fitting of crowns. When the tooth is damaged in big way, which cannot be repaired with bonding, fitting a crown is a better option. Crown is fixed over the existing portion of the teeth, so that it appears like the natural tooth. This is also done for large fillings or cavities. It is a hollow, tooth like cover, which is cemented over the remaining part of the natural teeth. In this process, the tooth surface to be crowned is first polished and made smaller, so that the crown fits. Then, from porcelain or metal or a mix of both the materials, a new tooth shaped crown is moulded. Being made from porcelain, it is easier to match the crowns with the colour of the tooth.

Some of the alternatives to a complete crown are the inlays and onlays. These are suitable for cavities and cracks. In such conditions, the porcelain material is filled into these cavities and cured with blue light for hardening. They can give the look of a new tooth by covering a larger area of the tooth.

Veneers are nowadays quite common procedures conducted in the dental clinics in Delhi, where the external surface of tooth, exposed during smile is covered by porcelain covering. These are best for large gaps and surface flaws. They are permanently bonded to the front of the teeth and give a different look, almost natural, to the smile. Filling up gaps with veneers is easy and quick, without causing any pain or side effects. Made from porcelain, the veneer coverings are quite strong also, filling up the small gaps between the teeth.

Tooth contouring is done to fix crooked teeth. Some teeth are larger or shorter than the others. It is also seen that there is slight misalignment in the teeth, which can give a bad look to the smile. During the contouring process, the uneven tooth is polished or scrapped and a uniform line of teeth is created. Such changes can add slight alterations to the mildly crooked teeth and are conservative methods of dentistry practice in India.

Undoubtedly, dental implants are among the most impressive forms of smile makeover and moreover offer permanent solutions. Dental implants have been known to replace entire missing tooth or more than one tooth. But, these are long procedures and require a lot of surgical interventions. A base has to be implanted first in the jaw bone, which is then covered by the help of a tooth-like structure with help of tightening screw and then the base is covered with gum to give a natural look. In such cases, the tooth is quite strong and it is possible to bite hard objects.

Gum reshaping is another important technique of smile makeover, commonly performed by dentists in Delhi. It is more to do with gum lifting, in cases where the gum seems to cover over the crown of the tooth. It can be done by laser beams to remove excess gum tissue and for reshaping the tooth. This helps maintain the shape of the teeth with a fine gum line. Laser gum re-contouring has become a major way of smile makeover in dental clinics in Delhi, especially with the cosmetic dentistry in India becoming a well known speciality.

Teeth whitening is helpful in simpler cases and preferred by many as it involves very little time and money. Teeth can be made whiter by laser cleaning or by means of bleaching. A couple of sittings can be enough to get the front tooth cleaned, as laser beams or ultrasonic jet streams work in removing stains and deeply deposited substances.

Cost of smile makeover vary as per the procedures

It is quite clear in dental clinics in Delhi that the process of smile makeover will require a number of specialists to work. These dentists from different speciality fields get together to chalk out a plan to give the best possible smile makeover. When a number of procedures are required, the cost will obviously become high. There are materials like porcelain and resins, along with the other dental consumables, which would be required. Added to these expenses, there is the fee for the individual speciality. Hence, unless the patients are seen by the dental clinics in Delhi, it is difficult to assess the costs which would be incurred by the process of smile makeover. But, with lowered costs of compounds and high quality materials available, people will surely be getting the worth of their money.


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