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Why Scaling Biannually?

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ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Author Dr Sharda Arora, CEO, Zental Eminent TMJ Dentist and Aesthetics Specialist.

ZENTAL dental clinic in Delhi

Dr.Riddhi Gulati,
Senior Consultant Dentist
Zental-Gentle Dental Care.

Scaling …What Is It All About?

A 6 Monthly Scaling is one of the essentials as far as Oral Health and Hygiene is considered.

Whatever We eat initially would accumulate as a soft debris on the tooth structure Gradually over time this soft debris would get hardened as salts will accumulate in it and give rise to plaque . Hence in layman terms Plaque and Calculus are hardened debris.


These cannot be removed by normal brushing. The reason being they accumulate in the difficult and unreachable areas of our mouth;We lack the Dexterity to remove these hard deposits from the mouth. Hence we need a 6 monthly scaling.

Lot of People thinks that scaling leads to loss of tooth surface i.e. enamel or weakens the tooth structure.

Let me throw some light on the same. What doyou think would happen if these deposits holding the tooth structure are not removed? The tooth weakens from the roots and will become mobile, in fact by regular scaling we are giving the tooth space to remainembedded in the bone and the gums time to heal.

Basically the scaler tip is a Non cutting Tip and hence no enamel or super minimal enamel is lost. It can only remove the calculus.


After your scaling you may feel some transient sensitivity but its a temporary issue.

You may also feel some Gaps and irregularity of tooth surface. Hence we do polishing to smooth-en and even out the tooth structure. this polishing paste also releases fluoride .

Some people may find tongue running funnily into the space so created by removing the tartar, mostly this settles.

After the scaling doctor would use a Fluoride polish and polish them super glistening teeth. You may need some stain removing and that may be achieved by an Air Polisher. This a fast jet of air pumping micro particles on your teeth which will clean those inaccessible areas of your teeth in literally no time. The doctor will need to drape you and himself well as this is a super messy procedure but produces wow results.